Thursday, 13 April 2017

#40: Three Lives Three Worlds, Thousand Miles of Peach Blossom & Life Update!

  Oh my god, my blog basically exploded with the popularity of 3L3W. I haven't had a chance to watch the drama properly yet though I think Yang Mi and Mark Chao look so good in the trailers. I really hope to marathon it good once my schedule clears in May. 

   Plus, Heavy Sweetness Ash-Like Frost is also going to get a drama production! I hope some of the actors/actresses I like will be cast in it :)

  I  just wanted to do a mass post as I have been getting emails/comments - and I really tried to reply everyone of them (got shocked that we entered into the hundreds whilst I was away). I definitely will be continuing my original stories, I definitely will continue to update my blog - I have been too busy, but once my schedule clears, I will definitely be writing much more. 

  I also have not given up on chinese fiction :), and hope one day I will meet a C-novel that will inspire me to translate again. 

Much love,


  1. Thanks for the update decembi! I've been checking in on your blog almost daily hoping to see the continuation of Yu an's story!
    Your Chinese fiction is so well written

    1. Aww Blu_milk, you touch me so much!!!! I must confess that April is really crazy for me so I don't foresee updating it till May. <3 But May is so much better and I hope to update it then.

      Thank you so much for reading my stories.

  2. ChocolateCosmos14 April 2017 at 13:10

    Hurray, you will come back in May! It's understandable that you didn't get to update your website. I can wait for Yu An~
    I'm excited for the adaptation of Heavy Sweetness Ash-like Frost! I hope they do justice to the novel! I thought the studio behind 3L3W did well (there were some changes, but I was fine with it) despite their budget being not as big as the movie version coming around the summer.
    Wishing you a wonderful April :)

  3. yay, we all miss you Decembi!!! We will patiently wait for you :)
    3L3W is my crack drama of this year! I love it and have rewatched it multiple times. Got my sis-in-law hooked as well. Mark Chao nailed Ye Hua and Mo Yuan perfectly! Color me impressed. Yang Mi was good - love her costumes and colors were beautiful. Music and everything was really well done.
    Cannot wait for the movie version to come out.

  4. Thanks for sharing the very useful info about Spring and please keep updating........

  5. 3l3w is really great and emotional.
    I'm so exited for Heavy Sweatness but I don't like choice of actress for JinMi.She doesn't fit the characters.

    1. read the book :D you dont need the actors, you just need to imagine them your self :D
      aaaa it was so good :D but the ending was like a storm ... its so hard to calm down after you finish the book :D

  6. The main characters are confirmed for heavy sweetness!! I think the male actor is too babyfaced though.

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  8. Great news all around!! Definitely excited for HSALF...Heavy Sweetness Ash Like Frost. I don't have any preference to who is who in the C-Drama world...I hope they stay true the the novel and our translators words!!! If it's anything like 3L3W team (director/producer/writers) I will show my support and appreciation! They have until 2018 LOL. I do prefer Heavy more than Peach Blossoms in the novel world. But the Peach Blossoms drama is addicting and hard to move on from!! Thanks for all the hard work and time Decembi :D Sary

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  10. I have found this book and loved it :D
    finished it just few minutes earlier :D
    aaaaa i still need to recover, cuz the ending was really rough :D even 3 more added pages (epilogue)of happy ending werent enough to calm the storm ... if they added at least 1 more page, i think i would calm, but it still gets me :D
    My head will blow up (its been long since I have read'ed good book without sleeping)